Hugo Migration

I converted the site from XSLT to Hugo. If you notice something awry, please let me know. I’m hoping the change makes posting easy enough for me to do it more frequently.

Hugo felt reasonably natural to me. It isn’t that far away in concept from phppen used by the main, except it isn’t using PHP nor MySQL for its backing store. There were some things that needed figuring out, but that was partly because I wanted to match the existing page structure. The only strong oddity was it not having built-in Atom support.

Surprisingly it had trouble computing URLs for attachments to posts. That same problem was a pain when implementing the XSLT-powered code. I’m happy for layouts/_markup/, as it allows fixing the problem without shortcode, which would have made the posts depend on Hugo. Looks like the next Hugo version will improve the deault and I might be able to remove my custom code.