Vector 4 Technical Information

I recently came into possession of the Vector 4 Technical Information (P/N 7200-0001) by Vector Graphic Inc, and it is a gold mine. The Vector 4 User’s Manual and Vector 4 Programmer’s Guide seemed to have been standard issue so my family had multiple copies (one per computer), and they are already digitized by bitsavers. But the Technical Information seems to be much rarer, and seems to be oriented toward maintenance shops. But that means it has very detailed information including jumpers, clock timing, and schematics, with lots of text explaining it all. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful for working on my Vector 4.

I’ve happily digitized my copy. The schematics at the end are ledger-size pages (17" x 11") which made them difficult to scan, and unfortunately I was only able to scan them at 400 dpi. They are usable, but the originals are easier to read.