This blog has been very lonely for the past few months and I finally am using it again. I finished a few of the tasks that needed to be done a while back, but not all of them.

Most noticably, I broke the RSS feed (I have no clue how!). It works perfectly fine from the command line, but not from apache... Since I don't like RSS that much anyway, I am not too sad about it breaking.

I have now deprecated the Atom 0.3 feed, so that there are no more links to it. I thought that the feed was valid, but checking it at feedvalidator.org shows otherwise. It not being valid combined with Atom 1.0 having had many more months to get implemented into agregators and Atom 0.3 becoming officially deprecated made me feel that there is no reason for me to put forth the effort to have it validate and that I should just deprecate it in general.

I finally fixed the stupid double slash in my URLs and removed the leading space in most links (not a real issue, but it was just code cosmetics). I also changed one thing in the Atom 1.0 feed, although I do not remember what now.

You will find a new Atom 1.0 Summaries. This was going to be in addition to the RSS feed, but since it broke, it will just be a substitute for the RSS feed for those people who like to read posts on the actual site. The summary for a post is now character limited and cut at a word boundry instead of taking the first paragraph.

Those whom are very observant may have noticed that all the CSS files now exist. I split the one stylesheet that I had into several different stylesheets and added a print stylesheet. In addition, I actually created the fixed stylesheet layout, so now the "Choose a style" links work. The original CSS did not completely validate, and this has been fixed as well (so that if I removed the hacks and the Mozilla specific parts it would validate).


I have tried out and really enjoyed the lighttpd HTTP web server. I hope to eventually swap this server to it some time in the future. The main problem with swapping is I cannot use mod_xslt, so I will need to find or develop a component to perform the XSLT. If you have not tried out lighty, you should.